May B. Lean

A warden whose natural powers of protection are only matched by her bawdy personality.


Race: Human
Class: Warden – Fighter
AC: 22
Fort: 21
Ref: 18
Will: 20
HP: 87
Gold: – - – -

Tyroil S. lean (Father)
Dea B. Lean (Mother)
Melora (Adoptive Mother)


May found herself awake next to her friend Grace on the streets of a strange town seemingly in an instant. Not long afterwards the two of them were conscripted into a little quest to save this place that they were very much new to. May is currently traveling with the group looking for a way to solve their problem quickly and find a way for Grace and herself to get back to their home plane as soon as possible in their travels May has found a few strange things out: Grace and herself might be the last of their kind around, her adoptive mother is just as important a deity here as the original plane she was from, and clowns are terrible.

While she has come a long way from her forest home May retains her own personal blend of optimism and a strong desire to see the natural things in this plane saved and she’s stopping at nothing to get it even if it means going through everyone that stands in her way to do it.

In battle May is the manifestation of nature’s fury wielding her mighty spear she uses her great strength and control of plant life and elements like lightning to fell her foes. And even when things look tough her mastery of natural magic can give her allies the restorative boost they need or protection from any blow and if that fails May is always ready to throw her body on the line to protect her friends good thing she is so durable.

Also she might take a ship home as a souvenir.

May B. Lean

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